Alex (rxgra) wrote in roxers,

The First Wives Club

Movie of the year!

Goldie Hawn!
Bette Middler!
Diane Keaton!
Dame Maggie Smith!

And let's be honest - nobody really cares about Sarah Jessica Parker.

I've seen it millions of times before, but it's still great. I mean, just look - Bronson Pinchot! While Elise and Annie's husbands were lousy, it was clear that Brenda still loved Morty. I liked that, and I liked that he came around.
But there's not much more to say other than that it was brilliant, and I even got accustomed to Goldie Hawn's lips ... again.

One of Elise's movie posters had the tagline "Policewoman by day ... hooker by night."

And so many mentions of "This is the nineties"...
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