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Delta Goodrem

I was reading the paper about teh singer Delta Goodrem... and three things surprised me....

A) How young she was compared to my impression of her
B) That she has cancer and
C) That she was in Neighbours.....

The relevance to this community is this....

so just who was she in Neighbours? Was she in it for long? When? etc

I'm not a huge fan I was just really curious after reading that.
I watched Neighbours yesterday for the 1st time since Holly left and this is what happened... Steph's live in boyfriend's sister came to stay and was being a complete two faced bitch, digging for info from his daughter (hey i don't know their names, I only know steph as i used to watch it... she's really good looking) then at the end steph ran to karls house and was crying saying she doesn't want to die.

heh... last time i watched it, michelle chickened out of moving to new york (what a wuss) and flick was still there.

i know neighbours in the UK used to be 12-18 months behind australia, but i reckon it must have caught up a lot. (it was about 12 years ago when it was THAT far behind Oz)

Anyway info on Delta would be nice :-)

Thanks :-)
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