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You are Pearls Of Passion!!!
You're Pearls of Passion! Some people have never
heard of this first album as it wasn't released
outside of Europe (or widely IN Europe for that
matter) but it's still a favourite with many
many diehard fans, even if not with Per and
Marie themselves. Never fear, I still love you
and you even had a remix album created in your
honour, unlike all the other Roxette albums!!

Which Early Roxette album are you?
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You're Roxette. Simple as that. If you can call countless different (yet weirdly interlocking if you look at Gyllene Tider and other Swedish acts) band members simple. Great songs, known worldwide, loved or hated... Say Roxette and you'll hear "It must have been love" or "spiky hair" or "spangly clothes"... you made your impression for good in the 1990s yet are still going strong in this new century... despite the attempts of the record industry to hide you behind the manufactured "pop idols" and the like. You sing in English, yet know how big your Hispanic following is so even learnt the lyrics in Spanish to your major ballads.. though it didnt get accepted so well, you know where your loyalties lie. You love the fun and your concerts are amazing, shame thre may not be anymore for a while.
created by roxettefans

Which Roxette Genre are you?
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If you take the second quiz you may have to remove lots of br tags as for some reason they got insrted :)

let me know how you did!!!

also for true fans.....

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