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Just read this in Outside Soap Magazine.

Ramsay Street Returnees

Emma Harrison, Daniel MacPherson and Dan Paris are set to head back to Ramsay Street in what is promised to be one of the most explosive storylines this year.

The storyline is that Jo Hartman (Emma Harrison) meets Joel Samuels (Daniel MacPherson) whilst they are in the same part of Australia together. They get talking and can't believe the coincidence of them both living at Number 30 Ramsay Street, and having many scenes in swimwear. They embark on a steamy affair and decided to return to Erinsborough after Jo divorces her husband Rob (some actor).

Libby Kennedy is in for a shock when deceased husband Drew (Dan Paris) takes up residence in her fridge and whispers seductively about a woman called Ailsa. While it is only a short term role, fans will welcome his return to the show, as the screen has failed to light up without his presence.

So yeah, sounds like an eventful year ahead!
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